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    AGC Intro Video

  2. Xyphien

    Shutting the Doors

    I believe it's time to simply call it quits on GameHandout and ArchGamers Community. Throughout the 5 years GameHandout has been up it has struggled with activity. Despite the amazing community that would come and go and despite the free games we offer we never had a huge spike in activity. With...
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    Hi-Rez splitting into three companies

    Hi-Rez decided to branch their company into three separate entities to place more focus into their games as a whole. Though there's rumors of other reasons behind it I'll only be covering the companies at hand. Titan Forge Games, Evil Mojo Games, and Heroic Leap Games are the three new...
  4. Xyphien

    Free game ever 3 referrals!

    For the next few weeks for every three referrals you refer to ArchGamers that posts at least 5 times you will receive one game from our extensive list of games! You can find your referral link to the right of the page on the main website page! ArchGamers Community
  5. Xyphien

    Realm Royale videos = Free Games!

    We're giving away three free games to three random members who submit some great kills/footage of Realm Royale! It's a free to play Battle Royale game on steam! Submit your footage here! After that, three personnel will receive a free game if their clip was used!
  6. Xyphien

    Weekly Discord Giveaway #9

    This weeks winners from Discord are @Aero Neon as well as @UltraPlasmaNerd Congratulations to the winners! They've won a free random game each.
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    Active AGC Activities!

    The AAA (Active AGC Activities) will be a frequent array of activities the community can participate in, as well as get cool stuff for participating. Such as trophies, GH$, and even free games! These can vary from Game Nights, AG Gamenight (Also known as Abandoned Games Gamenight) and others...
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    What're you currently playing?

    What games are you all currently playing at the moment? For me it's league of legends, Battlerite, Sims 4, and Beat Saber
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    Free GH$ for submitting your clips

    We're going to start taking community clips and turning them into montages for ArchGamers' Youtube. This being said if you submit your video here: | Media Hub | and we chose that video as footage, then you will not only get free GH$ but you will have a link in the description of the video that...
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    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Cheap

    Xyphien submitted a new resource: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Cheap - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Cheap Read more about this resource...
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    Dead Space 2

    Xyphien submitted a new resource: Dead Space 2 - Cheap Dead Space 2 Steam Code! Read more about this resource...
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    Xyphien submitted a new resource: test - test Read more about this resource...
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    Giveaway Week #1

    Giveaway Weak is now here! On Monday we will be choosing one to three replies on this thread at random and that person will receive a random game from the #Shop on our discord. Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers All you have to do to enter is post a comment (More than 3 words) and...
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    GameHandout has merged with ArchGamers!

    After much consideration, I felt that both gamehandout and ArchGamers was missing something. On top of that, I just really love the name of ArchGamers. It's just bad ass, like an ArchMage... but for gamers. Chahhhmean. Anyway, After considerating what all I could do, I feel that this is the...
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    Minecraft Server

    GameHandout has it's first official gaming server for minecraft! The server is faction PvP, with RPG elements. There's a leveling system, and in order to use higher grade equipment you will first have to be high enough level to do so. As well as there's a trading system, and even a random loot...
  17. Xyphien

    Kingdom Come

    Who here has had the pleasure of playing this amazing game? It went from being an unheard of game to one of the top grossing games atm and there's no surprise as to why. The game is absolutely amazing and one of my favorite RPG games atm. If you have played it, what is your play style and how do...
  18. Xyphien

    Destiny 2

    Who here owns Destiny 2? If so what do you play it on? Is it the Xbone, PS4, or PC. I just bought it the other day, though the campaign is really short I still greatly enjoy the game. Other than 2 other games it's one of the few things I tend to play as of lately.
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    Kholat Giveaway Kholat giveaway going on right now on Reddit. Will be doing the drawing tomorrow some time.
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    Reccomend me some games!

    I got $70 worth of steam codes over the holidays and I already own every game I'd already like I'm looking to get some other games, however I can't seem to find any games that are interesting. Give me some games you really enjoy that I don't already have :D...