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  1. MyNipples321

    Do you know this game?

    So I entered a contest where we need to find the names of a few games and I'm stuck on this one. Do you recognise it?
  2. MyNipples321

    Almost free Cs:Go Weapons

    I just entered in a cs go betting site.It is called SociusGaming.At the beginning, they give you 10 coins which you can bet them or buy a gun.With every account made from a referral they give you 20 credits.It's pretty nice because the guns are cheap. The site's link is...
  3. MyNipples321


    I think I'll use the cases to bet and earn more items.Should I do this?
  4. MyNipples321


    Well,I got 102 new items on cs go.100 breakout cases and 2 white cheap items.But that's pretty weird cuz nobody made a trade with me or something like that.By the way,I don't even have cs go purchased,so I have a lot of items on a game that I actualy don't have it.Can someone explain me this?
  5. MyNipples321

    Hijacked account

    I don't think my account get hacked but that's what steam says. I can't even play multiplayer games. I sent them a ticket but they didn't respond. They unblocked my account!!Yeey!Finally I can play something ^.^^.^
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    Buy Brawlhalla key [Paid]

    MyNipples321 submitted a new shop: Buy Brawlhalla key - Brawlhalla Read more about this shop...
  7. MyNipples321

    Hijacked account

    I got my account hacked and recovered it,but now I have that block which doesn't let me do anything.I need some help, please.
  8. MyNipples321

    Trade Brawlhalla code [TRADE]

    Guys I got a Brawlhalla code and I already have it on steam...So I trade it for another game.I'm waiting for offers.
  9. MyNipples321

    Just a question

    The processors are here. i3: i5:
  10. MyNipples321

    Just a question

    Oh,I misspelled, sorry.I wanted to write i3.
  11. MyNipples321

    Free game.

    Maybe these works too,but these are for PS4. LAKL-Q5N9-2PLP LND8-PANT-FHHH Q6KP-62NC-7PH5
  12. MyNipples321

    Free game.

    Guys I got one Brawlhalla key so tell me if you claimed it. FFRCY-YXRBB-73QDZ
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  14. MyNipples321

    Heyo :D

    I was in Silver V with only 2 wins.I played just 10 or 11 ranked games.Who is your main character? Mine is Katarina.;)
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    My "normal" friends called me and still call me Mr. Piggy.I don't know why they call me like this.
  16. MyNipples321

    Game you currently want the most?

    Did you ever play Muffin Knight before?It is completely amazing.I just destroyed my PC and when I'll repaire it I'll try to buy Muffin Knight. Here is the trailer.
  17. MyNipples321

    What is the best zombie game you ever played?

    Left4Dead 2 with Zoidberg mod.It is very funny.
  18. MyNipples321

    Russian Watch dogs key

  19. MyNipples321

    Heyo :D

    I'm fine and I like to play League of legends when I'm bored.But generaly I like RPG games. ;) What's your favorite game?
  20. MyNipples321

    Fun little sites

    Here are 2 another awesome sites: (I think you already know it :D )