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  1. ZombieSurvivor35

    Anyone else have issues reviewing on Steam?

    oh idk why thats happening
  2. ZombieSurvivor35

    AdBlocker Glitch?

    oh idk thats wierd i have an adblocker but i had no problems
  3. ZombieSurvivor35

    23 new games!!!

    nice the store needed more games
  4. ZombieSurvivor35

    500 Member Giveaway Winners!!!

    Congrats to all the winners
  5. ZombieSurvivor35

    Black Ops III multiplayer beta Looks Awesome!!!

    Yea i think it looks good i pre ordered it and i just cant wait for the beta.
  6. ZombieSurvivor35

    Favorite YouTuber?

    I think my favorite youtuber is VannosGaming, JackFrags, FrankieOnPcIn1080P, and Alia... those are my favorite youtubers so far.
  7. ZombieSurvivor35

    Upgrade from Windows 8 to 10 FREE

    i just upgraded about 2 weeks ago and i like it, i haven't had any problems with it yet so if you don't have it yet i would suggest to get it
  8. ZombieSurvivor35

    I don't know what to choose? HELP!

    left 4 dead 2 is a good game so i would go with that
  9. ZombieSurvivor35

    Which is better?

    i'd get GTA 5
  10. ZombieSurvivor35

    Random Giveaway!

    I hope i win and good luck to all of the other people