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  1. sage

    Making Some Sci-Fi Sprites

    I told my friend who wants to practice programming that we should make a simple platformer. I highly doubt we'll make any real progress on the game, but I can surely finish a spritesheet. Here is the concept art of the character. On the left is just a sketch I drew and colored to help me plan...
  2. sage

    Alien fans, get in here. Let's talk about Covenant.

    Who here has seen Alien Covenant? Have you seen all of the other Alien movies, including Prometheus? What are your thoughts? Did you like it? Hate it? Are you torn? I like it as a movie, but I hate it as an installment in the franchise. I'll explain my thoughts if anyone is interested.
  3. sage

    I made a Sweet Roll

    I made a sweet roll for breakfast. It was good. And nobody stole it. Recipe from here:
  4. sage

    If you were stuck in one game's world...

    If you were stuck in the world of one video game as an adventurer/soldier/etc (not a hero - you'd have to earn that), what video game would you choose?
  5. sage

    Do you listen to podcasts?

    I'm sure a lot of people here listen to podcasts. I sure do, and I'm always looking for more (although, I am picky). Share the ones you like. My favorite three: The Flop House - Two writers and a guy that now owns a bar watch a bad movie and talk about it for...
  6. sage

    Youtube! Do you make videos?

    If you have a Youtube channel that you upload to, share it and one of your videos. I'll go first:
  7. sage

    Nintendo Switch

    The Switch is Nintendo's upcoming gaming handheld console. It takes the controller of a Wii U, and turns that into a console of it's own. The handles can be used to play the console as a handheld, or can be removed for two controllers. It can also be plugged into a tv. The thing gets 2-6...
  8. sage

    Will Trade Games for Borderlands 2

    I'm looking for a copy of Borderlands 2 to give to a friend on steam. If anyone has a spare, I'd be willing to trade any or multiple of the following games (and trading cards) for it: It's on sale right now, so I'll just buy it if no one has a spare copy, but I thought I'd check here first.
  9. sage

    Steam Summer Sale 2016

    It's finally here ;v; What are you looking at? What are you gonna get? What are you hoping will go down? Tell me all about it.
  10. sage


    Have you played it? Do you have it? What are your thoughts? I got it and played it for the first three days. After that, I stopped and went and played skyrim instead... The game is fun, but playing the same hero for a whole match is boring (I know you're not supposed to, and I do switch up...
  11. sage

    League of Legends Dating Site?

    Someone is planning to make one of those dating websites, like eHarmony, for League of Legends players. It is intended to help you find a ranked partner, as well as a date. What do you think of this type...
  12. sage

    Favorite Games of Each Genre

    What are your favorite games in every genre? Action/Adventure: RPG: Sidescroller/Platformer: Fighter: Shooter: Racing: Horror: Music Based: Strategy: Simulator: Sports: MMO or MOBA: -- Here are mine: Action/Adventure: The Force Unleashed RPG: Torn between Pokemon and Elder Scrolls...
  13. sage

    The Shop Thread - General Discussion and Showoff

    This thread is dedicated to showing off your shops in order to attract more attention to potential buyers, and also the general discussion of shops. Are you considering getting a game to put up a shop? Do you want to make a different kind of shop? Let us know. --- I'll start with a few of...
  14. sage

    Slight Change to Getting Your Unwanted Threads Cleaned Up

    The staff had a brief discussion about changing the way we fix up thread mistakes. If you ever need to move/lock/delete/etc. an old thread, the staff encourages you to Report the thread rather than tagging us in the post. The reason for this is that sometimes the tag does not go through...
  15. sage

    Star Wars BattleFront Beta

    Star Wars Battlefront is having an open beta, and it started a few hours ago. All you have to do to play it is download it on Origin. I'll definitely be playing it tonight.
  16. sage


    In case you haven't noticed, the site has changed from our familiar shade of blue into something more festive. That's because our favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN, is here! - or, at least, the update is. Don't get too scared now. There are more things to come!
  17. sage

    Tiki Man [Paid]

    sage submitted a new shop: Tiki Man - Tiki Man for 175 GH$ Read more about this shop...
  18. sage

    Saviors [Paid] [Deleted]

    sage submitted a new shop: Saviors - Saviors for $175 Read more about this shop...
  19. sage

    Lunch Truck Tycoon [Paid]

    sage submitted a new shop: Lunch Truck Tycoon - Lunch Truck Tycoon for 175 GH$ Read more about this shop...
  20. sage

    Goat Simulator [Paid]

    sage submitted a new shop: Goat Simulator - Goat Simulator for 250 GH$ Read more about this shop...