1. Xyphien

    Random Events

    Hello Gamers! Today I've been browsing the forums in search of members online and active to send them a free game. Currently I've only been on at the same time as @Soleil at which I sent said user a PM. This PM I decided to spice things up rather than sending just the code, I sent a message that...
  2. Xyphien

    Posting Contest!

    Hello Gamers! We're proud to announce a posting contest going on from now until April 15th In this we will need at least 15 active members with at least 10 posts in order for this contest to follow through. In this month we are looking for the most active, and helpful people. We're not looking...
  3. ~Dev

    Minecraft event

    Second and final chance in order to participate in the minecraft event. Refer to http://gamehandout.com/threads/youtube.1160/ For more info. This dropin deadline,sunday at 7;30 pm eastern time. This will also be the time of the next recording! Best of luck to you all.