1. UnixSystem101

    Tell me a joke!

    Tell me a joke, if it is good I'll give you a like!
  2. cajko

    interesting and funny picz of 2017

    I ll start it of :D
  3. sage

    Do you listen to podcasts?

    I'm sure a lot of people here listen to podcasts. I sure do, and I'm always looking for more (although, I am picky). Share the ones you like. My favorite three: The Flop House - Two writers and a guy that now owns a bar watch a bad movie and talk about it for...
  4. Rosire Sabido

    Last chance to get Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time for free

    If you have been under the rails all month and havent heard that ubisoft is celebrating its 30 years of success. What?! you don't care about them them celebrating their anniversary? Well then what if I told they are gonna giveaway their best classic games once a month for the next 30 more. I...