1. JYN

    My apologies for my absence, the inactivity. I'm Back!

    Dear Fellow Members of GameHandout, Just some general information about me: You may remember me as "BoundlessMotion", "Hawk Supremacy" and "ScrappyFX" and I have been involved in this community since Jun 6, 2015, however, I passed off as inactive for a while and so I wish to come back and...
  2. MaestroC96

    [SteamGifts] Grim Fandango Remastered Giveaway!

    Hello fellas, I'm giving away 1 copy of Grim Fandango Remastered on SteamGifts. It is especially for all my steam friends and GH community who can join via an invite-only link mentioned below. Good Luck & Feel free to share the link amongst your close ones.
  3. Xyphien

    Double GH$ Weekend!

    Starting Today 08-June-2017 through 11-June-2017 there will be Double GH$ for every post, and topic created. Creating one topic will now reward you with GH$ 6 Per Topic. Commenting one post will now reward you with GH$ 2 per post of 20 characters or more. Creating a topic in the Gaming...
  4. O

    I am new and i have no idea what am i doing

    All i know is that you can earn GH$ by posting comments and forum post? Do badges give you GH$ or is is purely cosmetics? Question for active users here, how long have you been here and how much in GH$ total have you earned? Comment
  5. Rosire Sabido

    Origin on the house game: Mass Effect 2

    It's been a while since I made one of these hahaha I missed doing it. Let's get straight to the point Mass Effect 2 is now on the house at Origin platform, if you guys don't know about "On the house" games at origin I think that phrase pretty much sums it up. On certain times Origin gives away...
  6. Rosire Sabido

    Free Lovely Planet Keys be quick.

    Title says it all nuff said get it here :
  7. Rosire Sabido


    Gaming Updates Sorry bout what happened yesterday it was kind of a let down knowing that we won't get Splinter Cell anytime soon but anyways I'll make up to you. Plus look on the bright side what if we get a better game than Splinter Cell. But as far as I know I...
  8. Rosire Sabido

    Just take it {BLOCKSTORM}

  9. Rosire Sabido

    Memories of a Vagabond FREE STEAM KEY

    Hey guys i'm back with anotha' one. Because who doesn't like free games I know that I don't. So anywaysssss here's how to get your game. Just go to this site and go halfway until you see the game giveaway whatever. Then just login or if you don't have an account...
  10. sloth_steak

    My introduction to GameHandout

    Greetings, I am sloth_steak/Phalecrocorax and have just been introduced to the GameHandout community no more than fifteen minutes ago. The reason as to why GameHandout caught my eye is how it serves as a giveaway site and a gaming community at the same time, and judging by some of the previous...
  11. Rosire Sabido

    Biggest question on Star Wars: Battlefront Answered

    Well I saw that the Star Wars: Battlefront beta was released I haven't actually "played the game" but still buy it when it becomes cheaper. While I was reading the gaming news about the beta I saw the response of sage to the news and he said this: The biggest question is whenever this is...