1. cajko

    Twitch Prime

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if i should give twitch prime a try? Is it worth the loot and all that? I hear they are giving Civilization 4 until 21th of this month.
  2. cajko

    Useful videos

    So i wanted to make a topic so we can share useful videos for pretty much anything you see fit this criteria. Here are some i found this morning. Long version and orginal video is this one:
  3. MaestroC96

    Questions regarding Steam Game Downloads

    I have many good games in my library and when it comes to playing them, I'm bit moody. Now problem arises when I don't have the game which I wanna play installed. I have two questions which I googled but didn't find satisfactory answers. Ques. 1) Is it possible to replace some large (~2gb)...
  4. Xyphien

    December 6th Holiday! Huge Giveaway + Help us with a name!

    As stated in this post: Ralph H. Baer passed away December 6th 2015. He was known as the founder of games, and one of the creators of Pong. He had a HUGE impact in the gaming industry, and pretty much the reason...