1. UnixSystem101

    Tell me a joke!

    Tell me a joke, if it is good I'll give you a like!
  2. sage

    Do you listen to podcasts?

    I'm sure a lot of people here listen to podcasts. I sure do, and I'm always looking for more (although, I am picky). Share the ones you like. My favorite three: The Flop House - Two writers and a guy that now owns a bar watch a bad movie and talk about it for...
  3. Rosire Sabido

    Give me your best Joke

    I wouldn't call myself a comedian cause I really ain't. We got this activity which is Stand up comedy I think. My jokes are pretty good but it doesn't translate well so I need English jokes. Now get your keyboard and give me your best one or two it's up to you. Make sure you didn't copy paste it...