1. Axel

    Sheep game
  2. UltraPlasmaNerd

    New smash Bros

    In the new nintendo direct we were show a clip that reveals Inklings in smash.Now everyone in the smash community is hyped because of it.So what changes do you want to see in the new smash...Tell me below
  3. UltraPlasmaNerd

    Titian-fall 2 for $5 on Origin
  4. Fate_Neo

    Sad Steam account is looking for friends!

    Hello guys, Recently i figured my steam account felt lonely, and its looking for friends to play games with. My Lonely steam account: it's willing to play all games you want to play with it aslong as it owns the game. You can also find me on the...
  5. Rosire Sabido

    Anybody here want to play How to Survive

    So I bought this game How to Survive: Storm warning edition and the multiplayer was kinda dead. But it's okay for me to play solo but man does it get tough after 3-5 hours... So if anybody here is still alive and wants to play with me just say so. Sorry for my absence