1. cajko

    Random game

  2. cajko

    Random STEAM game key

    https://gleam.io/c9AUA/key-de-jogo-aleatrio-na-steam-grtis-pontos-em-sites-de-csgo I got Naval Warfare(which i already have) if some one wants to trade?
  3. Xyphien

    Random Events

    Hello Gamers! Today I've been browsing the forums in search of members online and active to send them a free game. Currently I've only been on at the same time as @Soleil at which I sent said user a PM. This PM I decided to spice things up rather than sending just the code, I sent a message that...
  4. itsthesherf

    Share Your Amazon Wishlist!

    Hey guys! I thought this would be a fun idea, if anyone is interested take it upon yourself to reply to this thread whenever with your amazon wishlist link! I feel like this would be a good thing to do if someone has a birthday, if it's Christmas time and you have extra monies (really, who does...
  5. Xyphien

    Random Steam Game Giveaway

    This is not hosted by my, however I saw someone on the Player.Me community post it. https://gleam.io/BBd5s/cosmic-bees-steam-key-giveaway Here it is, it requires you to firstly subscribe to their youtube channel. I'm unsure what else is after that however :) Good luck everyone!
  6. Nomec104

    Random Steam Key Giveaway

    Another Giveaway guys this time is random though http://giveawayhopper.com/giveaway.php?id=25
  7. itsthesherf

    Inked? Show off your tattoos!

    I always love seeing other peoples tattoos. Plus, it gives me an idea, if I ever decide to get one some day. I am tattoo-less! So, show off your tats! Or, any ideas for tattoos that you might get.
  8. itsthesherf

    The Sherfs in Town!

    Hey everyone! My name is Sherry, but a lot of my gamer friends just call me Sherf or Sher. My gamertag, itsthesherf, was made years ago when I was in highschool, a lot of people think it is a play on words of "sheriff", but in reality, my name is Sherry, and my last name starts with an F, so...