1. H

    Doing a giveaway 10 winners random keys

    Good luck to everyone who enters I may be new on this account but I made a new one because I'm getting rid of my old email Removed link
  2. Rosire Sabido

    Ummm Just asking don't take it hardly

    Ummmm hey ahhh ehhh errrr Okay well you know I was just gonna ask about the comment section. Don't you guys think it would be better if the latest comments appeared first on top rather than the oldest one on top . Or if not then at least a sort by date: newest to oldest vice versa box ??? well...
  3. Rosire Sabido


    From the creators of the award winning game The walking dead. Telltale comes up with another great idea, I think. I know almost all of you here plays minecraft right? OF course you do! who doesn't. Telltale made a story mode for minecraft and the game is literally called Minecraft: Story Mode...