2017 Playstation Games?

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What games do you look forward to most for the playstation 4 this year?


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The new god of war, most definitely. If that even comes out this year.
Horizon zero dawn is also on my list of games to buy.

Rosire Sabido

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I think the game I am really looking forward to is the game Detroit: Become Human. Cause ooohhhh man like the other games coming out, the graphics looks oh so pretty and I will probably be sinking a lotta hours into that game because it seems like it has tons of replayability. Plus i'm hyped for the story so if it sucks I would probably get all depressed and shiiiii.


I'm really hoping either Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come out this year. If they do, then those are my most anticipated games for PlayStation 4 this year.


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I really would like to play Horizon Zero Dawn and Digimon Next Order but I still do not have my ps4 and I think I might have to wait 3 more weeks until I can get one D:! But I been hearing a lot of good things so far on Horizon and I been wanting to watch some streams on it but I also don't want to see because then I would be sad I don't have it yet xD!
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