Trade $550 for CS:GO?

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God of Gaming
As title suggests... Contact me if you are interested.
$550 can buy you at least 2 Games or maybe more on GameHandout!
Whoever accepts this trade will get $500 sent too you immediately
Also, I've not been active and I want to give away my GH meaning I'm going to stop being on GH
CS:GO must be gifted too me on a new fresh account - I'll tell you my Steam once it's been made.
You must add me on steam before gifting the game to me. Steam's policy has changed meaning
I have to spend $5+ to add friends + more however I do not have paypal yet because there is some issues with my bank account and some other things which I cannot tell you. This means you have to add me instead, then I will be able to accept it and get the game, once the game is gifted I will send you $550 through GameHandout and all will be good.
You will buy/save/sell games as you wish and do what ever with it!
Not open for further replies.