AdBlocker Glitch?


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I understand that this website needs money to keep it up and all but...
advertisements, now I have this problem where I've had this "Adblock for Youtube" for months now and the GameHandout forum decides to give me this error message now. Sorry for all my bookmarks xD
Anyway, back to the topic. I've got access to pretty much everything and anything on the website there's no disabled features, nothing. Yes, I know it's just a little problem but you never know when something small becomes big...
Let me know your thoughts.



Staff member
There are really few ads on the website anyway (i barely see them and i have AdBlock disabled for this website).

The reason that message is there is because it's important, some adblockers block JS or certain Queries from being executed which in turn might remove some functions (like the dynamic Alerts system and the "There are new messages in this thread"). The ads are helping the website stand afloat aswell as they generate revenue towards the upkeep of the website.

It's nothing we should remove as some people might have those adblockers and wont be able to view the site properly, if they use adblock it's their own problem if the sites act up for them and it's nothing we as a website is responsible for.

If it does not remove any functionality for you then you are in the clear yeah?
If you use an adblocker for youtube it probably does not affect this website in any way, so you can probably disregard this message.