Trade Care For A Trade Traveller? (Rocket League)

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Hey there fellow GameHandout User! I noticed you have a shiny looking key there! One that
happens to look like a code.... ME OH MY! Why you have a Rocket League Steam Key?!
You see here, traveler, May might interest you into some stuffs in exchange for a Rocket
League Steam Key

I may offer you:

- A picture of a masterfully crafted cake
- A Partially Used Experience bottle
- A Rotten *Ahem* Fresh Potato (Exclusively Sold at My Market!)
- Some Beautiful GFX
- A Greater Potion Of Healing
- A set of Dual Barretas
- 120 Primal Blocks OR 250 Glim
- A Classic 1977 PSP (Yes Playstation Did Make A Model That Long Ago, Sheesh!)
- A Rotten Shoe
- 14 Pufferfish
- A captured Yohshi™
- ?|? Mystery Box ?|?
- A coupon to the Apple Store
- Your Choice Of a Darood SandStohrm, Reking Bowl, or (Bustin Jieber's latest) Bay Bee MP7 Download!
- Experience Boost For 3/7 Of a Day

I Hope You like My selection Traveler! It's taken quite the while to gather these resources and I'm offering them for the incredibly low cost of your Rocket League Steam Key :p

So what do ya say?
[DOUBLEPOST=1439088159,1438867858][/DOUBLEPOST]How many References did you catch?
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Rosire Sabido

God of Gaming
Haha I don't have both I just came here because I misread your post I thought your'e the one who is offering Rocket League


God of Gaming
Was just asking if he meant he has a steam gift, and not a key ;) (I would like Rocket League too ;) )

But why a key only though? Isn't it safer to trade a steam gift o:
I wasnt sure myself, but either way would've worked. Hope you can get your hands on RL too!
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