Darkness II:Review


God of Gaming
[Darkness II]
Darkness II is a Roleplay/FPS type of game.
The main story is about a man called Jackie Estacado that has been given supernatural powers of Darkness.Jackie is Psychologically Disordered because of the death of his girlfriend Jenny.Jackie and his gang that he is the Leader of.He is getting pursued by a secret society called Brotherhood.They try to get his power by making him unconscious with the power of Light as the power gets weaker while near light.Except from his Gang he has help from a small monster called Darkling.
As i said before the game is a Roleplay/FPS type of game.It is a very easy game no matter what the difficulty is and you don't need to have any experience with FPS games or with being stealthy.The game hasn't got to much that should bother you.It only has skill points which you can get by finding artifacts through out the map or by killing enemies.It has both Singleplayer and Multiplayer.However,multiplayer is a lot different than singleplayer.It has roles called Vendettas which they have their own powers and abilities.Then you can play PvP with other players or your friends.Artifacts play a major part of the game not only because of the essence you got by them but also because they can give you some kind of trophies.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Audio is really convincing which means that you really get involved into the game.The game is very well designed with the usage of the special type of character making by 2K.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To sum up,Darkness II was a really enjoyable game and very unique.I strongly recommend checking out the game for yourself.
~ Prokopis