GameHandout has merged with ArchGamers!


Staff member
After much consideration, I felt that both gamehandout and ArchGamers was missing something. On top of that, I just really love the name of ArchGamers. It's just bad ass, like an ArchMage... but for gamers. Chahhhmean.

Anyway, After considerating what all I could do, I feel that this is the best bet for GameHandout and ArchGamers. With this, AGC will be a closed/invite only community. That being said you have to manually send someone an email in order to invite them to AGC. This way we don't have to worry about bots, people only here to snipe codes, etc. We can focus on the community aspect and everything, whilst making it something people might want to join as it is an invite only community.

Currently there isn't a banking system here, however with me having more free time we will be doing more giveaways on here as well as on discord!