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For the latest announcements, news and more Join our Skype Group!
We can start giveaways, collaborations and partnering up to GAME!


● BoundlessMotion's Skype UserName ●

● Xyphien's Skype UserName ●

● Sage's Skype UserName ●

● Dev M's Skype UserName ●

● TheRealAttacka's Skype UserName ●

☢ We will all add you to the group as soon as I get your friend request ☢
● ● ● RULES ● ● ●
☢ Do not post links or tutorials on ways to get games, or anything else, illegally ☢
☢ You cannot spam in our Skype Group Chat☢
☢ No flaming/harassing other members ☢
☢ Keep adult content to a minimum ☢
There should not be any reason for posting any nudity.
Swearing is acceptable, but try not to channel your inner sailor 24/7.

Add this to your friend request message:
Hi [Name], I'd like to add you as a contact and would like to Join the GameHandout Group Chat.
I would like to receive all the latest updates and news from this and maybe start making new friends in this chat.

If you have any questions regarding these rules and this group chat, send a message to ANY STAFF.
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I'm therealattacka and i dont remeber signing up for contact XD
Not that it does matter, i'm totally fine with doing it <3
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Hi all. My name is Alvien Cantara I am 26 years old dude/bro/man turning 27 in November. I live in Australia, Sydney, NSW and was also born and raised here. Online or offline whatever you wanna call it (on the interwebs haha lol) I usually go by the name or alias AlienC or AlienC123 (if the previous one is taken). I am an avid PC gamer and old ex-ex-ex-xbox (circa around the last halo 2 series so like 2004 ish when I had just turned 16 xD now im 26 so damn 10 years later haha lol) and ex-ps player (still here and there but my real last days of gaming was during the ps1 and ps2 era, I played some ps3.. but have not yet seen or tried the new and latest ps4 (side note for the ps3.. I think my last most recent game was Killzone 3 and/or various game demo's e.g. Joe Danger etc...)

The gaming industry is looking great imho once again and I am very excited and happy for this! (as I am an very avid gamer and maybe also aspiring games developer!)

Many great games (some that I have envisioned from the past and into the future and others that I have just mostly secretly deep inside hoped for FFVII, No Man's Sky, Killing Floor 2, Tom Clancy's The Division and also Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. I am still wondering but mostly waiting for my revamped/remade/re-hd Crash Bandicoot and some other old school legends such as Wipeout 2097.. Ape Escape.. Abe's Odyssey etc etc but I know the market and the industry must grow and evolve and we must keep moving on.

I hope that this introduction was ok and not too long winded and/or out of place or too 'oldish' haha. I am pretty sure I am showing my age a bit and I am well aware that I am not the 'new' fresh meat or blood if you prefer.

Also, I love anything electro or electronic or 'techno'.. especially 'jpop' techno... e.g. Alstroemeria Records.

Nice to meet you all.

My Skype name is 'alvienc'. If that doesn't work try 'alvienpc' although I may go and create that now so I can or may reserve it.. rather...
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