Hi mateys, this is the captain speaking!

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Yaharr mateys! I'm Monst3rCaptain but my friends call me Captain or Cap.
My "real" name is Robin and I am from Sweden.
I just joined the forum and looking around and got told to introduce myself here and im hoping I am doing it at the right place xD
I almost never post in forums so this is something new for me, but I always like to try and learn new things!

I am an affiliate streamer on Twitch, I am a "Variety Streamer" and trying to stream Dead by Daylight atleast 1 time each week to have some game that is always on the schedule.
I love to play and stream horror games so if you like to scream you should check out my channel and check the schedule wich game I am streaming this week!

Have a good one mateys!


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Hello and welcome @Monst3rCaptain sorry for the terribly late reply. I've been super busy lately with irl stuff. I'm glad to have you here and looking forward to seeing you around :D
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