Hi-Rez splitting into three companies


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Hi-Rez decided to branch their company into three separate entities to place more focus into their games as a whole. Though there's rumors of other reasons behind it I'll only be covering the companies at hand. Titan Forge Games, Evil Mojo Games, and Heroic Leap Games are the three new companies.

Titan Forge Games will be in charge of all contents for Smite, one of their biggest and most successful games. A MOBA inspired game based off of mythology.

Evil Mojo Games will be in charge of all contents relating to Paladins, the fast pace shooter most people compare to overwatch.

As for the last one,

Heroic Leap Games will be in charge of Realm Royale, a RPG style Battle Royale game.


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That is probably a fantastic movement for the company, do you have a link to the article?

~Psst.. Provide sources :)