How do I buy a game?

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I want to buy the Random Game, but when I click in "buy now", it shows a "Transfer GH$" page. Do I need to transfer it to Xyphien? And what is that "Pay tax for this transfer" thing?


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  1. On Receiver, insert the name of the SHOP OWNER name. (In the Random Game's case it'd be Xyphien)
  2. On the amount, insert the amount of GH$ the shop item is being sold for.
  3. On the description, put the name of the item you're purchasing (in your case, "Random Game")
  4. Click pay for tax.
  5. Send. :)
There is a system tax on all bank transfers, the amount depends on how much you're sending, I think. If you tick pay for tax, the fee is added to your total (so it's deducted from your GH$); if you don't check it it's deducted from the total sent (so in essence you're paying less than the asking price).

I hope this helped. :girl:
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