I released an album!

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God of Gaming

Track list:

1. Sometimes I Leave Them [2:I8]

2. When They Talk [1:58]

3. Now I Truly Feel Free [3:57]

4. They Came With Open Hands [2:I9]

5. Every Night She Still Haunts Me [2:44]

6. Sometimes There Is No Point [2:07]

7. You Have Chosen Or Been Chosen To [3:20]

8. When He Comes [1:23]

9. All Along He Knew [3:27]

Total Length: [23:33]

Genre: experimental, dark ambient, ambient

Released July 2nd, 2017 (today!)

If you're not a fan of ambient/dark ambient/drone, you probably won't like this.

Either way you can always give it a try ;)

It's available on Bandcamp for free here (in lossless FLAC): https://velzerat.bandcamp.com/

And on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF6pxThX42iU83zmov41WepkiCc3Nc-wG

Thoughts are appreciated :)


God of Gaming
I love ambient music, but only when I go to sleep. Kind of like grown up lullaby :)
Great stuff Velzerat, keep it up! Also the album cover is great! :D
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