More attractive


God of Gaming
The way the site looks doesn't seem as important as it actually is.
If a new person opens this site and see a colourfull site with nice layouts, he would maybe stay, but seeing a boring grey background will keep people away, only using a game background with a bit of blur would make it nicer for people who already are here and for new people, a new logo would be cool, but is hard to make.
Only a background and a other main colouw would change this site alot.

Sorry for my bad english on this post, I'm struggeling a bit with making good sentences.


Staff member
Your English was fine, and sorry for the super long delay in response. I see what you mean, however I do not know how I'd go about making it more appealing to look at. I went with a more professional look on the site, versus our older theme as it seemed more appealing at the time. We also have the ability to customize our own background on our profiles, so I'm not sure how else to make it look more appealing at this time.