New Changes!


Staff member
1. Hello everyone! I've some changes, both good, and maybe not so good if you're one of the ones that do it.

First thing's first. At least once a week we will go through everyone who has posted and put your name in a drawing (minimum 5 people required). Topic = 3 tickets, Post = 1 ticket. If you create a popular topic for that week you will get 5 tickets. This excludes the General Discussion section of the forum. At the end of said week we will do a raffle to win a MODIFIED Gold Box:
Golden Crate: GH$300

The Golden Crate comes with ONE random game ranging from Imp Tier to Dragon Tier. (Chance for games you already owned. No Redraw will be given)

The modification is you only win ONE game vs. the standard TWO games from the Golden Crate.

This means by simply posting that week you have a good chance of winning some amazing games!

2. Another update to the site is you will now be required to post at least 5 times prior to making a promotional link. This means to anything from your Youtube, twitch, twitter, mixer, etc.

These are all the changes currently. If you have any ideas on what we should do to get the activity started once again feel free to post it below :)