Partnership Program


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Hello fellow gamers! Today I'm proud to announce we're officially accepting Partners into GameHandout. The Partnership program is a brand new program dedicated to helping out streamers, group leaders, youtubers, etc. with their content, as well as providing them with giveaways. In return they will be promoting us on their content, which will hopefully bring more viewers, members, and traffic over to GameHandout! I have spent the past few days creating the Partnership program, as well as the website itself which you can find here: There you can find ALL the information about partnering with GameHandout.

Let us know what you think about this new change to gamehandout below!

Rosire Sabido

God of Gaming
Wow, this is great since my friends and I are thinking of starting our channel. I think this would be a good way to start things up.


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I would join for the partner program, but i dont think i stream nearly enough for that to be actually viable. Nor produce enough youtube videos.
Anyway best of luck to you pineapple :)