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I have many good games in my library and when it comes to playing them, I'm bit moody. Now problem arises when I don't have the game which I wanna play installed.
I have two questions which I googled but didn't find satisfactory answers.
Ques. 1)
Is it possible to replace some large (~2gb) pirated game files which I already have with the ones steam downloads?
Explanation : I have Tomb Raider pirated files and in them some .tiger files comprise 80-90% of the size and they are same in original and pirated game. Now I wanna use them by replacing them while steam downloads original game. Is it possible?

Ques. 2)
I have bit slow internet. But there's a place with good internet nearby but I can't carry my desktop there :/ so is there any site which uploads steam backups or something like that?

Update :
Answer. 1 - I simply kept the un-modded files of non-rip version in steamapps/common and clicked on Install.
All steps are just like normal but after steam window progress bar shows allocating space and preparing files, it shows Discovering installed files and if that step is successful then those files are transferred from common to downloading folder of steamapps.
You should see almost completed download of that game.
But it doesn't work with Rips.

Ans 2. - Simply answer is NO.
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Awesome, I'm glad you found out the answer. Not going to lie, I saw this a while ago and I've been looking up how to answer that.
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