Rosire Sabido

God of Gaming

Ahhhh Warframe such a beautiful free game that can surpass other Triple A games out there. Let's get to the news, Tennocon recently showcased a new open world zone with a twist. It reveals combat at the comfort of your own ship damnnn this game just keeps getting better and better. At any time, players can depart their own ship and fly around space in their personal Archwing flightsuit to engage enemies more directly. You have the ability to infiltrate enemy capital ships and sabotage them from the inside to weaken them for a killing blow. During one intense sequence, one developer was running through the halls of the enemy capital ship while another was in what creative director Steve Sinclair called "commander mode" which let them hack the enemy ship to open airlocks and assist her teammate. This is really another big leap from Digital Extremes they have my respect. I'd say shut up and take my money but it's FREE!!! BUTTTT WAIT THERES MOREEEEE the update featured on the trailer was hoverboards and yes you can do tricks on em check it out down below.