We should all play a game together.

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I think free to play are good but if we all have a game then that could be fun.I am UltraPlasmaNerd on steam and DerpyPheonix on battle net.Please come up with games we could all play together.


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We've had game nights in the past that use to get pretty wild and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We'd hand out games to the winners, etc. (though when it came to brawlhalla I would be the winner every time XD) All the games we'd play would be free to play games so everyone would be able to participate. With more people being active we could always try bringing it back.

The games we'd play were:
Town of Salem
The Online Board Game

if anyone has any other ideas, or would like us to start up Game Nights again we're more than happy to do so :D


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Game Nights sounds like fun, I don't mind getting beaten in brawlhalla or the other way around.XD Also as a suggestion maybe we could play skribbl.io, its a drawing game that everyone people can play.
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