What's your top 10 favorite movies?

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This is one of my favorite topics, i'd love to read your posts.

here's mine in random order:

1. The Green Mile
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Requiem for a Dream
4. Fight Club
5. Scent of a Woman
6. Tokyo Godfathers
7. Giovannis Island
8. Lotr and Hobbit trilogies
9. Cinderella Man
10. The Road to el Dorado (yup, dont judge me)


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Holy moly, a top 10 of my favorites...

Here's mine not in order either.

1. Fight Club
2. Gladiator
3. Cloverfield
4. Tuicker and Dale vs Evil
5. Inception
6. Braveheart
7. grudge

Those are all the ones I can think of at this time. I'll update it more once I can rememebr 3 more lol.


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Man, I don't know if I can name 10 off the top of my head (I've been drinking) but I'll for sure name a few I know I love... if you haven't seen any of this list, I suggest you do so!

American Psycho
The Notebook
One Hour Photo
A Walk to Remember
The Pianist
Eagle Eye
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
American History X


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I am not good at top tens so I can do a top three

1.Earth to echo
2.Spider man homecoming
3.An indian movie called Fungal on netflix
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