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    [Steam Review] Kaiju Panic

    Kaiju Panic by Mechabit is one of those games that mix tower defense with action/strategy, and it does it fairly well. Yet I had troubles liking it fully. Why? Well, Kaiju Panic is a kind of fun, kind of boring type of game. I know, I just confused you, didn’t I? That’s okay, that’s how I felt...
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    Whats the best way to play games?

    I don't think I mind most game types, I mean, depending on the day and mood I like more casual and relaxed stuff where I can lay back and chill, or more action based stuff; I also don't mind playing with keyboard or controller, though I find most games only support by default the xbox type of...
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    Welcome! I hope you'll have a great time here! :)
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    Duke Nukem Forever Winner Nomec104

    Congratulations!! :D
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    Not dead, just sick. Will be back soon as I can. :)

    Not dead, just sick. Will be back soon as I can. :)
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    How your support for indie Games

    I actually really like this. A lot of us can only do the sharing part of supporting, so it's kind of nice to see not everything is money-focused.
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    Customizing Controllers?

    That looks pretty neat! I'm just about the same as sage though, most customization I've done was putting stickers for the XYAB buttons because I kept forgetting which was which on my generic PS-style controller and the stupid game wouldn't show the PS-style buttons. lol
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    Total War: Warhammer Giveaway!

    Super! I'll be sure to share it!
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    Welcome to the forum! I hope you'll enjoy your stay. Also, I like your avatar. :girl:
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    Wendy and Phone

    Yaa, it's alive! Congrats on passing 50 comics! I like the website~
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    Total War series and the games alike

    Because she works, lol and I guess she's not much of a forum person, so she hardly comes around. :P
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    [Steam Review] Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate

    Because the world is what it is, and the devs don't know how to market it because they go to extremes. Most of those that do chaos-destruction games do them for the pleasure of chaos and destruction instead of putting some actual story behind it to give sense to things. And even if there's a...
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    Total War series and the games alike

    I wish my sister would come online. She's really into these kind of games, she could probably recommend you quite a few! lol I've played a few - Age of Empires is the one that I've probably played the longest. I like them, they're pretty awesome, but they require far too much patience and...
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    [Steam Review] Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate

    There is an episode 2 up also, but I won't be reviewing it for obvious reasons. lol I don't know if it's supposed to have more than 2 episodes. I don't think so? It's been quite a while since then. Yeah, it'd be interesting to have something different- play the bad guy and not end up as good...
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    Hi, Musician and Game Developer

    Welcome to the forum! That's quite a portfolio of skills you're building! :D