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    Dead Space[origin]

    Wow, they put this list on wikipedia. Didn't know that. Hope they will update list in time so duration time wont expire :)
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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    I currently playing "Remothered Tormented Fathers". It's a new horror game and it's a pretty my taste of horror games. PS: Play it at nightXP
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    Dead Space[origin]

    Wow, thanx my friend. This is my top 10 horror games and probably second on my list of best horror games I have played. All 3 Dead Space titles are just awesome but Dead Space 1 is a legend.
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    Clash of the Monsters : The Horror Fighting Game (xbox)

    I'm fan of horror games of any game tipes. Horror in games is just like a boost points :D
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    Truffle Saga

    0 games left :(
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    I am giving away 2 random steam and one random DLC

    Hope I have some newbie luck :D
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    New gamehandoutman

    Hi all. I am new here. I am game lovers, so this site is very challenging for me. I'm here to get informations for games i love to play and, I will be honest, for some points and free games if I have luck. I will be pleased to meet you all in mosts threads.