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    Looking Toward the Future!

    Looking Toward the Future!
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    Interesting game! i'll be keeping my eyes on it! thanks for introducing it
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    Back from the dead, Lurking the depths of gamehandout.

    Back from the dead, Lurking the depths of gamehandout.
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    GH Servers coming soon!

    Yes, i certainly can do an update. Gamehandout's Minecraft server will definitely be along the lines of Faction survival. it is still undecided on what we will do for certain, but commands such as /spawn will be disabled with the current desire is to keep it so that Teleports are not possible...
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    Singleplayer or Multiplayer

    I prefer playing multiplayer, VERY rarely will you ever catch me playing some offline game. Fallout 4 for example, i bought it and i only have about 4 hours at most play time. unless it's some indie or dungeon style game meant to pass the time i tend to opt for more mainstream games like League...
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    hmm. interesting. the only reason why i never got destiny is because i don't own any consoles. maybe now i can give it a try. if i recalled wasn't it practically halo and Borderlands mixed together or some sort?
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    Persona 5 (Coming Soon! 4/4/17!)

    i know a friend that is very hyped for this game, though i've never really heard of it myself. is it a game worth looking into?
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    so many new and friendly faces!! :)

    so many new and friendly faces!! :)
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    Mobile games

    you could take a look into Summoners war :3 i find it rather enjoyable and it does not require you to pay to win. although it can be a grindy kind of game i enjoy it
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    Inked? Show off your tattoos!

    @Xyphien Definitely has a tattoo to show off! it looks pretty good!
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    Favorite social media?

    Never bothered with social media really. i may have accounts but other than facebook i don't even bother looking at them. (Totally not because @Xyphien occasionally posts good memes)
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    Would you press the button?

    If you press the button... You will be able to fly at extreme speeds. (mach 5) BUT you can no longer use any technology of any sort.
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    I need a signature

    So what do i gotta do to get you to make one for me as well? :D
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    I'm handing them out in reply order. i randomly selected five different games for you three to choose from. so in the end you will have 3 choices.
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    Hi there!

    Nice to meet you Lornarghh, welcome to Gamehandout :D . If you have any questions feel free to contact or message the staff~. other then that i hope to see you around!