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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    World of Warcraft.
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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Yes! I watched John Wolfe play that... it was a really good game.
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    Cortex Command

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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Tabletop Simulator is great. I even found myself doing the virtual puzzles on there, and you can do it with other people which is even better. I've been playing Torchlight 2, I think that's it for right now, other than I was playing 7 Days to Die for quite awhile.
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    What's your top 10 favorite movies?

    Man, I don't know if I can name 10 off the top of my head (I've been drinking) but I'll for sure name a few I know I love... if you haven't seen any of this list, I suggest you do so! American Psycho The Notebook Deadpool One Hour Photo A Walk to Remember The Pianist Eagle Eye The Secret Life...
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    Three Dead Zed

    What do you mean?
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    Dying Light - Razer T-Shirt (DLC)

    Oh, that's dumb.
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    Happy New Year everybody!

    Happy New Year!
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    What games have you bought so far this winter?

    Personally, I love it. If you or whoever enjoyed the first one, you'll probably like this one - but it's a totally different feeling. There is still a lot of emotion in certain parts, but since you're playing Chloe, not Max, it isn't the same, like it's not as deep and it's about Chloe being a...
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    What are some good android games?

    Just recently started playing Day R survival... there is a free version, it's super addicting! Check it out.
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    What games have you bought so far this winter?

    I just bought Life is Strange: Before the Storm... I loved the first one so I'm hoping this one is good, too! I will be streaming it in a bit if anyone is interested!
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    What is your GOTY?

    I like too many games and I don't set huge standards so I don't think I could pick one if I tried!
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    Monthly Game Giveaways!

    Never feel bad, at least you tried and can always pick it back up again! Plus we're always here to support you and GameHandout.
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    itsthesherfs 6 Steam Key Giveaway!

    Click here... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Steam Key Giveaway FREE GAMES! This giveaway includes 6 Steam Keys (names and links to steam pages below)... when I hit 400 followers (as...
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    Reccomend me some games!

    If you haven't played 7 Days to Die, it's really fun, single player or multi. Zombie survival is always great. XD