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    1,000 Member Giveaway!

    Hi guys. How's it going? Long time no talk.
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    Hello everyone...

    He's a tiny handful...since hes mobile and can crawl now. It's terrible lol. It was still good seeing you over Christmas! Wish you all could have met Killian but it was one of those nights where Cody and I needed some alone time haha.
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    Stardew Valley

    This is one of those games where you learn as you go. I know that I could totally benefit from starting over because of what I know now. You have a lady build "farm buildings" and once she builds them for you, you can buy animals from the lady in the forest lol.
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    General Mouse thread + Razer Naga Hex V2

    I think he likes it. He was looking at getting a new one but with basically the same concept. He uses the little buttons to play WoW.
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    Halo 5 Game Discussion

    No..he's better than me lol. We hardly ever get Xbox Live and when we do have it, I never have time to get into an online game cause of bb.
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    Faeria Card Game

    Yeah, thats pretty much how I feel about all of them.
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    Any Square Enix Fans?

    As of lately, Bethesda has been my favorite. I'm a legit Skyrim die hard. I also really liked Fallout but the story and everything else about it weren't for me. Square Enix is definitely a close second, however.
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    Brawlhalla Review

    I've tried to play this game plenty but it must be too complicated for my brain. It's one of those games where all I do is button smash and hope to win haha. Sometimes I do too!
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    [Review] Cory in the House

    So, I was confused when reading the title but now I'm glad I read this review. If anything, I got more entertainment from this review than I would the game lol.
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    BROFORCE Steam Game Code Giveaway!

    Can't believe I missed this! Must be more active.
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    Mushroom 11 giveaway!

    Thank you for this information! :D
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    Hello everyone...

    I am not new but I am probably new to some of you other new people. I am who they call...Keirzilla. I've been taking a year + hiatus because of babies. I had one. He's awesome. He even has his own Xbox One controller...he chews on it. Anyways, I'm hoping to be more active now that my small human...
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    We're coming back!

    Glad that GameHandout is back. What a dull time in life while you were gone.
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    What a great list of games to choose from!
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    Shiftlings Giveaway!

    I'm obviously very late to this but this is awesome!

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