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    Discord Hypesquad

    It looks nice but what is hypesquad ?
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    I don't have it but i'm planning to buy it soon
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    Shadow Warrior is FREE in the Humble Store

    $4.99 not free ;(
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    Have you bought anything from Steam Summer Sale?

    Broforce ? it's in budget,just buy single copy instead of bundle will be cheaper XD
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    Have you bought anything from Steam Summer Sale?

    Will be better if you tell the price range ^.^ as said gang beasts is great and fun so is worms !!
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    Have you bought anything from Steam Summer Sale?

    Borderlands 2-4 pack converted to INR won't be too cheap,it' be around average price but yes it totes worth it well i prefer move or die as it's fun and 4-pack is cheap at INR rate. Other than that i' suggest Gang Beast- no 4 bundle pack but the game is great,now devs have added online...
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    Have you bought anything from Steam Summer Sale?

    i was planning on buying move or die but it skipped my mind :3 i have insurgency too.Had for a long time but started playing 2 days ago and it's fun combat is realistic I have bought Town of salem Borderlands 2 Borderlands pre-sequel Daed by daylight GTA V
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance

    Only if that was possible :( it's not at witcher 3-tier but Skyrim. Kingdom come gameplay seems to be pretty empty so far !! :3
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    Kingdom Come Deliverance

    I'm waiting for it but will wait for few months to see how it's doing and bugs are fixed.Will Check Youtube meanwhile to see how exactly the mechanics and combat system works
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    Open World Horror Game

    Since map must include forest and urban and other areas,it'll be a huge map.So it's better to have an online feature rather than limited multiplayer or it'll feel empty.Since it's survival and every man for himself,karma system may be good.Random quest generation and NPCs hiding too will be...
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    Party Hat in PAYDAY 2

    Thanks got mine ^_^
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    Open World Horror Game

    ohh,You mean unexpected creature and situations like..Nether meets the cabin in woods type of stuff so we can have variety of stuff and best tactic always should be to run away ? XD Will it be MMO ?
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    Open World Horror Game

    Do you Mean something like Nether or infestation but with jumpscare ?
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    Black Desert Online - Guild

    Forever loading for me !! XD
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    Another Horizon: Zero Dawn Screenshot Dump

    They are amazing !! <3