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    Active AGC Activities!

    Ohh i'm sorry Xyphien... our condolences
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    Warframe SPACESHIP COMBAT!!!

    Ahhhh Warframe such a beautiful free game that can surpass other Triple A games out there. Let's get to the news, Tennocon recently showcased a new open world zone with a twist. It reveals combat at the comfort of your own ship damnnn this game just keeps getting better and better. At any time...
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    Active AGC Activities!

    Looks interesting enough I'll try
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    What is your least favorite smash bros characters?

    I think it's Pit for me cause it makes me feel nostalgic hahahaha and besides I love using that character cause he pretty much looks cool for the childish me.
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    あひる わ どこ です か?

    あひる わ どこ です か?
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    Giveaway Week #1

    Ohhh my oh my what's this? the site is back up and runnin <3<3<3 it feels good to be back
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    Woah 2 years already?

    Woah 2 years already?
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    Black Desert Online - Guild

    Awwww EU server too bad mine's SEA
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    Black Squad Closed Beta Key Giveaway

    Seems like a good game with good graphics with those unreal engine. Welp I got way to much time on my hands might as well try it. Thanks mannnnn
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    Assassin's Creed Origins: E3 2017

    Actually I've been waiting for this since Syndicate came out hahahahaha I'm hyped as usual but can't pre-order it anywaysss cause i'm too broke hahahaha need to pay rennnnttttt.
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    An introduction.

    I dunno the ceiling maybe?
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    Yayyyy sites building up pretty good again

    Yayyyy sites building up pretty good again
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    An introduction.

    Heyyyyy welcome!!! just passing by baiiii! Hahahaha
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    I've never... 2.0

    I've never had friends who won't prank you... (They're still the best kind of friends to have)