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    Dying Light - Razer T-Shirt (DLC)

    Bruh, I thought this would be the game, but it's a dumb shirt.
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    Secret Santa

    I got it.
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    Secret Santa

    At which date will we recieve our games? Today?
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    Some more "free" GOG games...

    Inside and Outlast.
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    Some more "free" GOG games...

    Claimed them, but yeah I already have them on steam, so no reason to play it on GOG
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    What games do you have the most fond memories of as a child?

    Almost every pokemon game, with pokemon firered as favourite. I've played them for sooo long and had such great fun of it.
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    My goodness, the new Humble Monthly Bundle rocks!

    Mmm, I dont know, I never found one of these games interesting enough to bother with, but yes indeed its a good deal, I'll think of it.
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    Humple Pundle Giffevay. Zee Sird Vahn

    Hey, cool giveaway man. I don't how many I could claim, so I claimed four games I like and kept the other links for others to claim.
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    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    Hello Cajko 1.0
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    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

    Hello, Cajko 2.0
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    Hello from a fan of indie games

    Well, I've played on PS4 alot but with the internet I now have it's unavaible to play online on PS4, so that sucks :/ PS4 has some awesome exclusives with Bloodborne as my favourite. Splatoon is very fun, I played it on a friends Wii u, I didn't really liked the controls, but the game was nice.
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    Hello from a fan of indie games

    I hope aswell more people will join this site, and it's very nice, you stayed. There are many people who join, but never talk or aren't active. You are a nice person to talk with! I love Indies aswell, I started playing indies on the PS4, because of the online service, playstation plus. With...
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    What are some good android games?

    Well I'm not really fan of phone games but I have spent much time on clash of clans. I played it for like 2/3 years. It is a free to play game though it has in game purchases. which are for speeding up things. not needed tho.
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    Steam Hours

    Yeah lol, I think it's just a strange thing from me... I always try to quit the game if I'm afk for a long time, so my hours are legit. I also like watching someone else ther hours, so I already knew your hours in RPG maker haha. Found a forum, so i'm not the only one haha...
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    Woohooo, I just bought Enter the gungeon on for 5$

    Woohooo, I just bought Enter the gungeon on for 5$