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    Yo axel welcome to the community, we are glad to have you!
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    Create a game

    Name: NewEngineGain Genre: Platformer, Coop, PVP Story: You and your allies are specialists, Your world was invaded a few years back and you are still trying to push back the enemy hordes and their commanders. Even using their own weapons against them. Description: It's a platformer COOP with...
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    Be Quiet!

    Oh i thought you told me to be quiet first, then i entered and realised someone actually named their game such an original name :)
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    Congratulations Saxix!

    Conglaturations little thing, you can now play one of the classics legally ;)
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    Battle Chasers: Nightwar gets a release date!

    Yeah, i've played both darksiders 1 and 2, they are much like legend of zelda but with more adult themes and hack & slash gameplay :). Looking forward to darksiders 3 tbh, dont know about the other THQ games, they have always been hit and miss for me.
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    Changes to Steam Trading Cards

    Or at the very least, log into his steam account to idle. Family sharing is also a thing i guess but i dont think that syncronizes.
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    Yes, the way to get to all badges is kinda finnicky. I guess it's just how the plugin we are using for it are designed. As for the other badges, we dont have any kind of "auto detect" to detect when the user has has subscribed/followed the gamehandout media. It has to be added manually by...
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    Hi ! I am GammaG2. Like RTS and love dogs.

    Welcome to gamehandout, please enjoy your stay :) If you need help feel free to contact any staff member
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    Favorite Genre?

    RTS games, Been playing them since 2003 and never got bored of them, too much strategic depth and stuff. Especially good old Warcraft 3. I just like controlling armies and use armies and strategic knowledge (mixed with reflexes and multitasking). In MOBA games i prefer playing control...
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    Hello World!

    Oh i thought i said hi, turns out i didnt say hi. hi! :)
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    Locked Threads

    Yes, Xyphien changed it from 30 days to 90 days instead, And i opened up many threads that autolocked :)
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    Elocrypt's Intro

    Yeah i just read that thread and i agree, stuff has been locked down a bit too early... i think Xyph might have made the timer for closing threads 1 month or so which is a bit short for such a small forums. Same thing with offtopic, sadly i dont have access to change the lockdown time as that is...
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    Elocrypt's Intro

    Can agree, need interesting threads that align with your interest to actually post :P Anyway welcome to the forums hope you enjoy you stay. I usually lurk a lot too, but i'm moderating so it's k ;)
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    Gaming and Anime is LIFE, specially when you share it with other people that has the same interests.

    Welcome to the forums, yeah, i'm not the biggest fan of anime but i watch it together with friends using (along with other stuff too).
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay. That picture sure is something >.<