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    Shop Closed Permanently.

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    Fallout 4 Celebration Anyone?

    You wont regret it :)
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    Fallout 4 Celebration Anyone?

    Start with 4
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    Fallout 4 Celebration Anyone?

    Sorry, cant celebrate, too busy playing Fallout 4...
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    Trade [H] Assasain's Creed Syndicate or Rainbox Six Tom Clancy [W] Offers

    I have a GOG key for Massive Chalice, and steam gifts for Deus Ex, Binding of Isaac, and Electronica Super Joy if you are interested in any of that. Honestly though you could probly get about 30-40$ out of that key if you are careful with online selling.
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    Wendy and Phone

    Got a chance to read up on the ones I missed, you still got it sage :)
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    Favorite CS:GO weapon

    Yeah, i think it may be from all the battlefield but i need the scope on the aug :)
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    Favorite CS:GO weapon

    AUG is my fav and my backup is the UMP
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    Hello Everyone

    WELCOME!!! Your late. ;)
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    Curious for your thoughts on Hitchhikers, I recommend it to every person I meet :P
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    The Lost God - Download + Free Game!

    Just curious, what is it about, or is that a surprise XD
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    Count to 50 Before the Staff Come

    Boo! 1
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    "Massive" Witcher 3 Patch!

    Should be more fun that way and save time :)
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    Old games for PSX,N64 and shit.

    Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are excellent. Might want a texture pack for ease on the eyes though.
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    "Massive" Witcher 3 Patch!

    Waiting for Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine before starting NG+