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  1. Nomec104

    Yum or Yuck?

    yummy donuts So brioche with icecream
  2. Nomec104

    Yum or Yuck?

    wha the fk man... do you live by eating only air? XD well i fking love apples they are so juicy and yummy xD Ok so what about pineapple
  3. Nomec104

    Yum or Yuck?

    Bro are you srsly, its fkin delicious. Ok so you can eat them by scooping their flesh with a piece of bread (adding some lemon juice if you like it). Well i guess i like them cuz i live in a small town near the sea so im used to stuff like this... Anyway i hate broccoli so yuck Carrots are not...
  4. Nomec104

    Yum or Yuck?

    Bro this isnt the type of cheese you usually know, cuz actually it is creamy and sweet. Also bro are you kiddin me?! You're askin me if i like lasgne knowing that im italian... ffs i eat them almost once per week :cool: anyway Pani chi Rizzi (bread with sea urchins... google translate sorry)
  5. Nomec104

    Any CS:GO player here?

    Pretty sad lol. How the fk you got hijacked?
  6. Nomec104

    Yum or Yuck?

    yuck Cartoccio con Ricotta
  7. Nomec104

    Humble Bundle - Getting rid of owned/unwanted games - Part 2

    Shit now this game is contended between the two of us
  8. Nomec104

    Humble Bundle - Getting rid of owned/unwanted games - Part 2

    @A13XIS bro can i get burnout paradise ultimate box?
  9. Nomec104

    Play or Uninstall

    Yeah i will play it though its a bit boring to me Slave Zero (i think almost no one know this game, its a masterpiece to me xD)
  10. Nomec104

    Favorite developer?

    ahahah you are right bro
  11. Nomec104

    Gunspell - Steam Edition Giveaway

    Guys indiegala is hosting another giveaway
  12. Nomec104

    Random Steam Key Giveaway

    Are you serious bro? Well since i didn't made this givewaway im not sure, you may be right. I have already participated on the givevay and i got my key without problem.
  13. Nomec104

    Rate the Profile Pic

    1 dollar out of my poor wallet lol (bro your pic is epic though xD)
  14. Nomec104

    Random Steam Key Giveaway

    adware? what you mean bro... its clean the giveaway
  15. Nomec104

    Random Steam Key Giveaway

    Another Giveaway guys this time is random though
  16. Nomec104

    Heaven Island Giveaway

    Found this giveaway guys... dunno how the game is since its a vr game
  17. Nomec104

    Would you use Nerve Gear?

    Sure, it would be epic as fk and honestly im too curious to care about the potential risks XP
  18. Nomec104

    Mobile games

    omg why your eyes are not bleeding??
  19. Nomec104

    Mobile games

    why not, sudoku is a good game lol
  20. Nomec104

    Anime and Manga Watched/Favourite?

    yeah im waiting for it too ;)