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  1. TooManyGamesPoro

    i am taking the hobbits to isengard

    This indeed brings back good ole memories of youtube! I use to use youtube everyday all day when I was in middle school! This was one of my favorite videos and then I forgot about it. Thank you for making me remember =)!
  2. TooManyGamesPoro


    One day I will be able to afford a game xD! Also has the shop updated yet?
  3. TooManyGamesPoro

    Game of the Year 2017

    Persona 5 or Horizon Zero Dawn! Both of those games have been simply amazing!
  4. TooManyGamesPoro

    Play The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™

    Elder Scrolls online is very fun despite the bad rep it got in the past. I have so much fun playing it and the player owned guilds are super neat in that game! I have seen a lot of awesome role play guilds that focus on thieves guild or dark brotherhood etc. They also have their own marketplace...
  5. TooManyGamesPoro

    Posting Contest!

    Gratez to all the winners! Also thank you for the giveaway :D! I am happy to have won!
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    Your name seems familiar like I might have known you from a game or somewhere.. Hmm... Its gonna eat away at my mind a bit... but regardless of that welcome to the community :D! I hope you will enjoy your time here!
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    Hello and welcome to the community! It is always great to see more streamers! I like to lurk on streams and see how fun the streams are =)! Anyways I hope you make some great friends here!
  8. TooManyGamesPoro

    Hey Guys

    Hello and welcome to the community! I hope you will make some awesome friends here!
  9. TooManyGamesPoro

    I'm New! ... Kinda ~ :p

    Hello and welcome fellow lurker! I do a lot of lurking myself but I get around to posting when I feel like I can xD! No need to feel like you gotta post! If you see a topic that grabs your attention and wish to say something then go for it =)!
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    Hello and welcome to game handout! There is a lot of nice and awesome people here so I am sure you will make some awesome friends here!
  11. TooManyGamesPoro

    $85 Game Giveaway!

    Awesome! Good luck to everyone! Thank you for the giveaway as always!
  12. TooManyGamesPoro

    Diablo 3:Season

    Anyone been playing this season? I am almost done with my gear for the first step but I still need to get ancient versions of them! I am hoping to able to solo GR 70 this season.
  13. TooManyGamesPoro


    I heard about Destiny 2 but not sure if I will pick it up since I never played the first one... Will think on it though! Thank you for letting us know!
  14. TooManyGamesPoro

    GH Servers coming soon!

    Looks neat but sadly I do not play mine craft D:! Not sure what other servers for games you guys can come up with but if it is something that I can play or interested in joining I will be there asap :D! But I would love to hear about how the minecraft server goes and see how people are enjoying it!
  15. TooManyGamesPoro

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Thank you! I have many more to share! @cajko It is like amour to cover your forehead. Could be there for stylish purposes as well but I think its like part of the machine that was killed and made into the gear.
  16. TooManyGamesPoro

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    So I finally got the game! I am really loving it so far! I took a picture in Photo Mode and had some fun with it xD! Last night I did a bunch of different things but I really liked this one!
  17. TooManyGamesPoro

    Diablo 3:Season

    I love Diablo 3! I like starting over ever season and trying to get the best gear as fast as you can etc! I am really excited for the new class that we will be getting soonish? The Necromancer! I am also excited for the new primal ancients if I can ever solo GR 70 which I highly doubt I will...
  18. TooManyGamesPoro

    Singleplayer or Multiplayer

    I like both to be honest. A lot of games have issues with trying to do both and not doing good at both. Like sometimes either the single player is much better then multiplayer or the other way around. I know its hard to balance it out but I am still looking for a game that is both great in story...
  19. TooManyGamesPoro


    I played Paladins when it was in the alpha or close beta test phase and I enjoyed it but sadly I just play too many games as is so I ended up dropping it although it was super unique! But I am still a LoL and Overwatch player by heart and I just tend to stay to those two mobas.
  20. TooManyGamesPoro

    Memories of Vagabond

    I have not played it just yet but it is downloaded =)! I just been working everyday and when I come home I am just too tired T_T! Luckily I have a day off on Friday!