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  1. Wisse

    For Honor Nubs?

    Hi i need me some people to play for honor with. I got the game on Uplay (its kinda like steam a little bit). just give me your Uplay account name and ill add you. be warned: I suck at the game coz i have no controller xD :D
  2. Wisse

    What kind of Music?

    As the title of this thread says "What kind of Music'' do you listen? I listen to Future House, to me its a underrated music kind, but that probably cause just don,t like it :(
  3. Wisse

    PC or PS gamer?

    I would like to know what kind of gamers you are and what kind of specs you use in your pc or what kind of PS you use My pc specs: Graphics card: MSI Geforce GTX 1060 CPU: Intel Core I7 (3.41 GHz) RAM: 8GB 1 Harddrive with 1TB (im probably gonna get another harddrive with 1TB) 1 SSD with 128 GB
  4. Wisse

    Heroes of the Storm giveaway.

    It is a giveaway for a caracther from the game, my bad
  5. Wisse

    Weekend routine?

    What is your weekend routine, i normaly don,t ask these things but this forum makes me do it idk why :]
  6. Wisse

    Tips on how to focus on work?

    I need some tips to make my homework and not get distracted, if you've got some pls give me them :D