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    Surprise midnight giveaway! for those that are here can receive a game! POST BELOW to get a free game! Only the first three will win! Good luck!!! (you will be messaged by me tomorrow to receive your prize. so please be patient)
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    just gonna leave this here...

    just gonna leave this here aif anyone ends up browsing gamehandout again.
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    Albino Lullaby Review now public!

    Huge thanks to Ape Law, the creaters of the game for these giveaways! Gamehandout has just released a review on the game: Albino Lullaby all content of this video was produced by TheRealAttacka! congrats/thanks! more over, for the next 2 weeks, you have time to enter in both of the youtube...
  4. ~Dev

    Minecraft event

    Second and final chance in order to participate in the minecraft event. Refer to For more info. This dropin deadline,sunday at 7;30 pm eastern time. This will also be the time of the next recording! Best of luck to you all.
  5. ~Dev


    As stated. I have been left in charge of the youtube videos and has proposed a offer! A vanilla minecraft server on the normal setting. Everyone has one life. You die you are out. The goal is to kill the enderdragon and as a extra goal, the wither. No one shall be online alone. Someone must...
  6. ~Dev

    Minecraft server

    alright, ive become a little busy with other things, plus i dropped the server we currently have listed because the hosting came out with a 50% off deal, so i was able to upgrade the ram, and pay less all in one. i will be putting up a poll on this thread (just to see) how many people are...
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    Spot the amazingness

    Yeah, you know whats up. take a look at the last game played.
  8. ~Dev

    Another game!

    Giving away another game from my list tonight! Make sure you reply to this thread in order to be entered!
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    Screen Cheat [Paid]

    ~Dev submitted a new shop: Screen Cheat - Buy screencheat for 200 GH! Read more about this shop...
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    we have 600 Registered accounts! for this event, i Will be giving away 1 random game from my arsenal! Respond below to be entered into this giveaway, the giveaway will happen at Friday, 10Pm eastern time! Good luck! Congrats to Rosire Sabido! You have won Dino D-Day! i shall PM you with...
  11. ~Dev

    New Server type!

    hey all! Gamehandout's Minecraft server has been decided. A HUB world! this hub world will probably take a while to create (hopefully i can get the plugins all down this week). TO HELP BUILD AND PERFECT this server! by helping, not only will you have a awesome server, you will have Aditional...
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    BurstFire [Paid] [Deleted]

    ~Dev submitted a new shop: BurstFire - a leftover key i had i am selling for 100 gh! Read more about this shop...
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    Out There Somewhere [Paid] [Deleted]

    ~Dev submitted a new shop: Out There Somewhere - Buy out there somewhere for 150 GH Read more about this shop...
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    Polarity [Paid] [Deleted]

    ~Dev submitted a new shop: Polarity - Buy Polarity Steam gift for 150 GH Read more about this shop...
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    Retro/Grade [Paid]

    ~Dev submitted a new shop: Retro/Grade - Shooting game In Reverse! Read more about this shop...
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    Dino D-Day [Paid]

    ~Dev submitted a new shop: Dino D-Day - Frantic, multiplayer action involving Nazis and dinosaurs! What are you waiting for? Read more about this shop...
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    did they just....

    i think they just blocked me from going on to they're website after trying to recover my password o.o has anyone had this problem? xD
  18. ~Dev

    New minecraft game type?

    Hello hello. Some of the community agreed that factions is too hostile and should be changed to a more laid back server type like prison! This poll will last a week. Majority sets the type for the server. (Ive been busy with jobs, and family recently, sorry for that) if you wish to work together...
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    Is anyone on this fourm into borderlands by any chance? If so. Hit me up sometime!
  20. ~Dev

    Worst Moba "community" moment?

    Whats the worst moment you've had, whether it being someone raging, ragequitting, etc? this JUST happened to me, a plat 5 player, in a normals match playing as quinn, rages as i killed him atleast 3 times over every time he appeared in a fight, (i was full on ap blitzcrank) the saltyness of the...