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  1. UnixSystem101

    What're you currently playing?

    CSGO, A bit of Rust. And a bit of Beat Saber.
  2. UnixSystem101

    Far Cry 5 Releasing Soon!

    Far Cry 5 is releasing in 7 hours from when this post was posted! (Update: Game has been released!)
  3. UnixSystem101

    Hi mateys, this is the captain speaking!

    Welcome to GameHandout! Im new too. :)
  4. UnixSystem101

    Tell me a joke!

    Tell me a joke, if it is good I'll give you a like!
  5. UnixSystem101

    Who is in what faction

    I'm in Cyctic.
  6. UnixSystem101


    Nice! I got Starward Rogue. Thanks so much man.
  7. UnixSystem101

    Sea Of Thieves Releasing Soon

    Sea of Thieves is releasing on March 20th, 2018!