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  1. FevGrave

    What're you currently playing?

    many games like any halo game, diablo 3, destiny 2, Gary's mod, terraria, starbound, minecraft, and much more
  2. FevGrave

    Hi-Rez splitting into three companies

  3. FevGrave

    Orwell its a odd game but cool registrant investigation game

    Get the game here from cajko's post ( ) The game is about finding out who is the terrorist for your great country by looking for key features in how people say in their text messages, bank accounts, blogs, and more. What are your opinions...
  4. FevGrave

    What do you think about MIcrosoft and razer teaming up for an xbox keyboad and mouse.

    That would suck if they do not support competitive games, but when they do get that product out the console plebs will realize that the mouse & keyboard WILL kick there a** if they do support FPS games.
  5. FevGrave

    Free GH$ for submitting your clips

    oh ok, that's a good amount of GH for one vid.
  6. FevGrave

    Free GH$ for submitting your clips

    Here's the question of how much GH is awarded per clip?
  7. FevGrave

    Submitting my clips from Paragon{canceled game} playing as the Revenant (semi broken charater in late game)

    Paragon 11.22.2017 - Paragon 01.07.2018 -
  8. FevGrave

    Giveaway Week #1