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  1. Thrillseeker

    Are we celebrating something ?

    Happy Independence day guys! (I hope that aliens won't ruin it)
  2. Thrillseeker

    Dark humour

    Allow me to continue :) Mother and daughter are watching tv, and suddenly a porn movie starts. Daughter confused, asks D) "Mom, what are they doing?" M) "They are making cookies darling" The next day daughter asks: D) "Mom, you and dad, have you been making cookies last night?" M) "Yes honey...
  3. Thrillseeker

    Dark humour

    A) Hey kid, where's your dad? B) He fell down the well. A) Omg, is he okay? B) Yeah, he's better now, he stopped screaming yesterday.
  4. Thrillseeker

    Dark humour

    This one is not too dark Father says to his son who is about to have a trip to Thailand: - Son, be careful, cause there you will find all sorts of girls: prostitutes, sick... and you could get some disease, than you will infect our neighbour, she will then infect me, than i will infect your...
  5. Thrillseeker

    Hilarious Videos/Gifs Thread

    Scared dog
  6. Thrillseeker

    Crazy Movie

    I am sorry in advance if this was wrong thing to do, but i wanted to open this thread, and show you this movie. This is amazing and funny, well, lets say parody on 80s action movies, and i recommend that you watch it: King Fury Edit: I wanted to put this in off topic, but looks like i am...
  7. Thrillseeker

    Game you currently want the most?

    I want them all!!! Just kidding :D (or am i?) Like i said in one of my 6 posts, i really like RPG and would love to play Grim Dawn, Diablo III (too expensive) and this one Lost Ark , it looks awesome.
  8. Thrillseeker

    Hello people :)

    Ty guys :) Xyphien, i sure am going to check everything regularly :D
  9. Thrillseeker

    Favorite TV Series?

    Definitely Supernatural. I also liked Falling Skies , Dark Skies (skies everywhere xD) Heroes and V
  10. Thrillseeker

    Favorite RPG Game?

    Path of Exile, but, boy do i suck at rpg. It's a great game, with lots of skills and items, but trading system is what i don't like, and that is the only reason i don't play it anymore. Torchlight II is also nice, and i liked Titan Quest. Now my attention goes to Grim Dawn.
  11. Thrillseeker

    Join our SocialMedia

    Youtube: Alex Twitter: @Alexx86S Twitch: alexandar1122 Steam: thrillseeker4
  12. Thrillseeker

    Hello people :)

    Hi, my name is Aleksandar, i am from Serbia, and i think this site is awesome. Everybody loves free games, so do i, and a chance to win some is what brought me here, so thank you guys for doing this, and i hope (know) we are all going to have fun :)

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