1. Delta_06

    Gaming and Anime is LIFE, specially when you share it with other people that has the same interests.

    Always waiting for new Games and New Episodes to play and watch... xD first time doing this ... :3, Im 16 years old, InSideFire's buddy, and I'm level 3 on steam xD, starting on youtube... I love multiplayer games, competitive sometimes, and currently watching/waiting on episodes for 6 anime...
  2. GewoonRobbie

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

    Giving it away on here Will draw in about 11/12 hours.
  3. Xyphien

    Dating Site specifically for Gamers and people who watch Anime? this campaign just went live, and if it gets funded it will be a dating website specifically for gamers, and those who like anime. The more 'nerdy' type of style. Which is something I'm really interested in...
  4. pajama

    New Animes

    So how many of you like anime? The new anime season is about to start and I am PUMPED! There's two shows coming out from my favorite studio, Trigger, and one of them is even being directed by my favorite director Hiroyuki Imaishi! These two shows are Kiznaiver and Space Patrol Luluco. Kiznaiver...
  5. pajama

    [Review] Cory in the House

    Cory in the house is the best game ever 11/10 I play this game every night before going to bed and cry at the beautiful story. I loved how they used enchilladas as a metaphor for the homoerotic relationship between Cory and President Martinez and the grief over the death of the late Raven...