1. Xyphien

    Monthly Game Giveaways!

    Make sure to follow this thread to get all the latest updates/game giveaways! Every week starting now we will be giving a free game via The reason behind this is to help promote GameHandout, and all of it's social media as well as my own personal social media for... personal...
  2. Xyphien

    Random Events

    Hello Gamers! Today I've been browsing the forums in search of members online and active to send them a free game. Currently I've only been on at the same time as @Soleil at which I sent said user a PM. This PM I decided to spice things up rather than sending just the code, I sent a message that...
  3. Xyphien

    Random Game Giveaways ALL DAY!

    It's our 4 year anniversary! Because of this huge achievement I'll be giving out games randomly to active members on our forum, as well on our social media! Make sure you're posting on here, as well as tagging us on social media, posting on our steam group, etc.! We'll be giving away games from...
  4. Nick Mc

    Star Wars Giveaway (10 GAMES)- Steam Keys

    Hey everyone, I have 10 Star Wars games for giveaway. If you win I will give you the steam key in a pm with Xyphien attached to the message thread for security reasons. The games being given away are: 1. Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™ - CLAIMED 2. Star Wars™ Knights of the Old...
  5. Xyphien

    Largest GameHandout Giveaway!

    Salutations Gamers! Tis I, Xyphien! I am here to bring you our largest giveaway we've ever done! We're giving away over $200 worth of games for FREE! Facerig Pro, Facerig, Jet Racer Extreme, Memories of Vagabond, Ryse Son of Rome, Project Cards, The Escapist, The Escapist: Alcatraz, The...