1. UnixSystem101

    Far Cry 5 Releasing Soon!

    Far Cry 5 is releasing in 7 hours from when this post was posted! (Update: Game has been released!)
  2. UltraPlasmaNerd

    Red Faction Guerrilla Complete Bundle 80% Off for $11.99

  3. GewoonRobbie

    Medal of Honor

    Just go here in order to claim it: https://www.origin.com/nld/en-us/store/medal-of-honor/medal-of-honor-pacific-assault/standard-edition
  4. Prokopis

    Darkness II:Review

    [Darkness II] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darkness II is a Roleplay/FPS type of game. The main story is about a man called Jackie Estacado that has been given...
  5. Nomec104

    BlockStorm Free Steam Key GiveAway

    Here we go guys, indiegala is giving away BlockStorm for free... just scroll down a bit untill you see it https://www.indiegala.com/store/jumble#giveaway
  6. sage


    Have you played it? Do you have it? What are your thoughts? I got it and played it for the first three days. After that, I stopped and went and played skyrim instead... The game is fun, but playing the same hero for a whole match is boring (I know you're not supposed to, and I do switch up...
  7. AlexanderS4

    Far Cry Primal

    So after a twitter "leak" a while ago, Ubisoft made it official: New Far Cry is coming in 2016. Trailer: This new title is an FPS with a setting in the Cave age. You play as Takkar in an open world called Oros. It will have some kind of crafting system to make both melee and ranged...